Hazman Environmental Training Services
Bringing hazardous material training into the 21st century

Why would I use e-learning?

Simply put, some people learn better in a classroom, while others learn better one-on-one.  Also, companies can't always spare the time or money to pull an entire staff in for training.  By using e-learning, staff can individually take courses on their own and learn at their own rate, often over several days.  And with many new workers / staff being more "computer savvy", this format will help speed them along the highway of knowledge!  Another benefit is that our courses are less expensive than traditional courses. Why pay for an instructor to come in and train a single worker? With e-learning, the cost benefit is huge.

Can I use this course in any province?

For asbestos courses, no. Each province has it's own rules, regulations, and/or codes of practice for this material, so the courses are dependant on the province which they are developed for.
As for the other courses, they can be used across Canada. Best practice is to confirm with your province's Department of Labour (or equivalent).

What software do I need?

You can use a regular browser to use the course, but it is best used on Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.  You will also need Flash working. In order to view all the content, it is recommended that pop-up blockers be disabled.

Will this work on my tablet / mobile device?

At this time, probably not.  The course material is currently offered in a Flash format.  If you have a browser on your device which uses flash, you should be able to access the course.  We hope to have mobile / tablet capability in the near future.  Stay tuned!

How safe and secure is the information I provide?

We use PayPal to process payments.  PayPal is well recognized for being a frontier e-commerce website.  Questions regarding PayPal may be answered here:  PayPal FAQ 
All personal information provided for the courses is maintained in a secure database.  We retain this information for two reasons.  First, if you wish to come back to take more courses, you don't have to go through the registration process again.  Secondly, should your certificate become lost, you can log in and download your certificate again, or have use send it to you.
Finally, we will NOT sell or give away your information.  The purposes listed above are the only reasons we collect information.  We are here to help you!

Will you be offering other courses in the future?

We anticipate rolling out various other courses over time. If you let us know what courses you'd be interested in, we can look at developing specific new content.

Will you be offering courses in person?

The main idea of the company is to deliver consistent material to each and every student.  Should you need in-person training for groups, please contact us with details (e.g., number of people, location) and we'll determine what training options are available.

I have need for air quality / building survey / etc.  Can you do this?

At this time, Hazman Environmental is focused at providing strictly training services.  Should you need these services, we can provide you with names of companies in your area that can offer assistance.